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On Photography

Today's theme is herbal.

Once again, I forgot to take a picture in the morning and then yesterday I didn't get home until after dark, because on Thursdays I stay late at my parent's house and work with dad for an hour or so on taking his personal history. We're going through a series of questions about his childhood and early life and recording his answers while looking through a book of photos his mom made for him (and his brothers, as well. They all got one, and what I would not give to see those albums today!!!) At any rate, we all ate dinner together and worked on that project on Thursday so I was late getting home and had to figure out how to take another backyard picture at night!

I turned on the porch light and decided to just try and get some of the interestingly textured parts of the herb garden in a shot using my flash, figuring I could either desaturate the image or add a filter to make it more interesting in post-processing. I enjoy these kinds of limitati…

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