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How to Show Up

In these times of incredible global turmoil and unprecedented upheaval in the United States the pace and weight of events can be overwhelming, to say the least. How are we to be if we want to participate in the positive growth of humanity? Where do we direct our attention, energies, and efforts?

I firmly believe that by better understanding ourselves and healing our own pain, grief, and frustration we can most effectively participate in healing the world. We must be able to work with our emotional energies if we are to participate in moving energy on a global scale. And this, I feel, is the crucial work of humanity at this time in our existence on this planet.

Learning to identify, intuit, and understand our unique path and purpose in the world will help determine the way we may most fully show up and participate in effecting transformative change.

How do we learn to understand ourselves and therefore our path in the world? Through meditation, self-reflection, asking questions and be…

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